Municipal Law

Municipal LawHuntington Bailey is recognized as an authority in the field of municipal law, serving as Borough Attorney for multiple municipalities. Our attorneys also have extensive experience working with other governing bodies and boards in all facets of local governance and related finance.



The areas we assist our municipal and governmental clients with include:

  • Zoning and Land Use. Zoning is one of the most powerful ways for any local government to determine the character and direction of its town’s growth. Our attorneys provide counsel in all aspects of zoning and land use, including code enforcement, ADA compliance and more.
  • Contracts and Public Bidding. Whether large city or small town, administering contracts and the awarding of work are essential aspects of municipal management. Huntington Bailey has proven experience in this critical area of municipal law.
  • Taxation and Borrowing. Funding properly for municipal operations demands specific expertise and specialized professional guidance. Our team of attorneys are seasoned professionals in the key areas of municipal fiscal management and the law, including tax assessments and funding options.
  • Public Information and Open Meetings Compliance. A clear, effective communication management strategy is one of the hallmarks of the best-run municipalities. Our attorney are highly skilled practitioners of this often undervalued aspect of municipal law. This includes advising on public information, open meetings, open records, electronic communication and social media aspects of the law.

Huntington Bailey provides the essential legal guidance that the best-run towns require to serve their residents. Our extensive experience in all aspects of municipal governance have made Huntington Bailey the trusted counsel of municipalities throughout New Jersey.