Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Commercial & Residential Real Estate LawFor over two decades, clients have turned to Huntington Bailey for real estate representation-whether residential or commercial-that protects their interests from offer, through contract to closing.

For residential clients, our team provides comprehensive support during every phase of a transaction that for many is the most significant one they will ever make. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you’ll have confidence that each feature of the contract and sale has been reviewed and managed to protect your interests.

Huntington Bailey is the trusted advisor to commercial real estate clients, ranging from local businesses to regional developers. We work closely with owners and senior management to explore every aspect of a deal, avoiding pitfalls and maximizing opportunity.

Huntington Bailey real estate services include:

  • Residential Real Estate. Each transaction has its own unique set of circumstances. Our experienced attorneys will help you navigate the specifics of your purchase or sale with confidence that your interests are protected. From offer to contract, through title search and closing, our team knows what to look for, what’s next and gives you confidence at closing.
  • Development & Redevelopment. For projects large and small, developers turn to Huntington Bailey for legal counsel that maximizes opportunity and minimizes risk. Areas of expertise include zoning, finance, approvals, contracts and litigation.
  • Due Diligence. Huntington Bailey provides comprehensive due diligence on a wide variety of commercial real estate transactions. Our experienced attorneys provide expert counsel regarding lease review, estoppel, local ordinances, financing alternatives, tax consequences, escrow management and more.

Real estate transactions, whether residential or commercial, have the potential to have a profound financial impact. Huntington Bailey’s extensive experience managing all aspects of real estate sales and purchases ensures that our clients engage in each transaction with clarity and confidence.