Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate & Commercial LawHuntington Bailey represents businesses ranging from sole proprietorships and professional partnerships, to multinational corporations. For decades, our commercial clients have turned to us for counsel on everything from smart strategies when forming a business entity, to sale or merger of a company.

We have built long-term relationships with many business owners and senior managers based on their trust in our advice and proven performance. Many seek our counsel on day-to-day business operations, and we often act as their outsourced law department on matters great and small.

The areas we assist our clients with include:

  • Corporate Structure & Governance. What form should your corporate entity take: an LLC? Limited Partnership? Or should you incorporate? Our experienced attorneys know the pros and cons of each and can help you make the right choice from the start.
  • Contract Law. You know your business, we know the law. Together we’ll help ensure that every contractual agreement is clear and fair – and protects your interests.
  • Sale, Merger or Corporate Dissolution. For many businesses, a change in ownership or sale is the single biggest transaction in the life of their company. Our team is experienced at ensuring you have the full picture, to make the best decision possible. Includes due diligence, negotiations, financial review and more.
  • General Counsel. We fill the role of general counsel for numerous businesses not large enough for a full-time law department. These clients turn to us with everyday legal questions and “what if” scenarios. We provide them with a valuable sounding board, insight and peace of mind.

Protect your business with experienced corporate counsel that knows business. And remember, the best time to seek out the right corporate counsel is before you need it. Ask us how to get started helping you protect one of your most valuable assets.